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Welcome to Product Security Hub, home to the MDIC-Apraciti 2023 Medical Device Cybersecurity Maturity Survey

The benchmarking survey as well as the annual benchmarking report are offered as a collaborative effort between The Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC), Apraciti, LLC and HSCC. The findings from the benchmarking assessment will help MDIC to create resources to measure maturity over time and enable industry growth through continuous product security enhancements.

The survey encompasses a number of questions each drawn from the Medical Device and Health IT Joint Security Plan’s (JSP) maturity assessment framework, along with basic demographic questions and should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete (you progress is automatically saved, so you can resume later). Previous or current use of the JSP is not a requirement for participation. Please answer each question to the best of your ability and revert to other colleagues for additional data, where relevant. You are strongly encouraged to refer to the JSP before answering each question. Specific line numbers of the JSP corresponding to each question have been added to help guide you.

We recommend a Senior-Level Product Security Officer, Risk Manager or Quality Manager complete this survey based on strong working knowledge of the organization’s product portfolio and relative security posture. We also encourage connecting with colleagues across the organization’s lines of business, where relevant, to ensure responses are as comprehensive and accurate as possible. Only one survey per company or organization is meant to be completed and submitted; duplicates will be discarded.

Please note:

  • This survey does not provide a certification or attestation and should not be considered a substitute for completing a comprehensive security maturity assessment or for conducting a third-party security audit.
  • Respondents may publicly disclose survey results for marketing purposes but by participating in this survey, each respondent acknowledges and agrees that (1) it will be clearly stated that these survey scores are based on a subjective self-assessment that yielded results which have not been certified by an objective third-party each and every time the respondent publicly discloses the survey scores in any and all media or discloses the scores to a third party, and (2) it will not indicate or imply that the Medical Device Innovation Consortium has certified or attested to the survey results.
  • For your convenience, all survey questions are available as a PDF. This document may be freely shared with other members of your organization to assist with the survey process.
  • All identifiable information provided by survey respondents will be kept confidential, withheld from any regulatory or governing bodies and not shared outside of MDIC.
  • Only non-identifiable, anonymous summaries of the overall findings will be made public as part of the overarching benchmark study.
  • Names of organizations participating in this survey will not be included in any public reports or summaries.